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September 22, 2006



"...the image of God is central to developing a solid view of personality; that our sinfulness, not how we've been sinned against, is our biggest problem; that forgiveness, not wholeness, is our greatest need; that repentance, not insight, is the dynamic in all real change." -Larry Crabb

A friend brought this quote up this week and it really encouraged me. How freeing, quieting even, to understand that it is repentance (NOT new profound insight, preoccupations or scenery) that is so essential to growth.

When change is what I desire, I find myself with the feeling that I am in need of and waiting for something or some understanding that I don’t have. And yet I know I am promised that I have already been given all that I need for life & godliness.

The idea that something outside of me -something new- could change me is a sham, alluring & empty. It is Jesus willing & working in me that causes growth & change, and while I sometimes think I could die of discomfort as I wait for that, I have to know that the answer isn’t anywhere else.

It is His kindness that leads me to repentance; He initiates everything, even my repentance & subsequent change.



i wrote this, went running, and thought it important to note: redemption and truth are actually only to be found outside of me, outside of self. it's just in one person though, Jesus, not in anything novel out there.




Where is the outrage at the neglect of this blog? I demand justice!


Um, the lack of outrage has to do, unfortunately, with the lack of readership. You are an army of one, my friend.


Deflecting the blame uh...how convenient!


To be clear, the blame for the lack of writing is on me. Lack of readership has only to do with the lack of outrage.

Besides, why aren't you writing anything for the blog, fancy seminary boy?


huh...let the record show that I check this blog almost daily, and I miss reading/enjoying/contemplating the various thoughts and experiences expressed here.

I guess this is a belated "thanks"...


agreed. the musings have been missed, will. be encouraged. and please write some more :)


Apparently the title "Laid to Rest" had multiple meanings. Will, I am holding you to your promise to finish the Abraham writings (at some point). I also check it daily and miss it. I don't get 90% of what Bob puts on the C.D. blog, so I like to read this one. What have you been doing? It is not like you have anything important going on. How much time can it take to sell your house, move your stuff (twice), buy a new house and start a new job? You should be writing by now.

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