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August 14, 2006



It was only a matter of time before you made the jump...nicely done, Lane. Thanks for letting us in on what you're wrestling with. It was especially relevant to me since I "just happened" to be camping out in John 16 the last couple days and wrestling a bit myself, so I really appreciated your thoughts.


Several points of encouragement:
1. This desire for intimacy is itself a sign of the Holy Spirit's activity in you.
2. Our intimacy with God grows as we advance in sanctification.
3. God has designed the hunger and zeal you describe to spur us on in sanctification.
4. God does not focus on our lack of attainment, but loves us right now in spite of it (Rom 5.8). There's refreshment in that despite the imperfection we experience now. That HE LOVES US is a greater reality than our lack of love in return.
5. You might like Michael Horton's article "Wanted: Apathetic Lutherans and Calvinists" at http://theresurgence.com/theology/systematic_categories/trinity


Ignore the above URL. A better, more direct link to Michael Horton's article about the Holy Spirit and our experience is:

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