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July 29, 2006



Good stuff Will. I am not sure I understand it all, i only hope to be half as smart as you someday. But I really like that second to last paragraph, where you talk about how we are free in the kingdom of God to be who we truly are. I cannot wait until that day where I am truly free of my body and everything of this world. That day where I will be truly free to worship Him in Heaven. And I am excited that He is continually making me free to do that more and more while I am here. Good thoughts, good thoughts.


these are good thoughts indeed.

for me, there is something of being known, and being known intimately, in the concept of home. i see glimpses of it whenever i talk with a good friend who is well-acquainted with and understands my heart. perhaps it is a part of the safety you're refering to, this sense that my heart can be at rest and breathe deeply.

and i i find the reverse to also be true, that at home i desire to know intimately and to learn and explore. and so i LONG for the day when i will know fully even as i have been fully known.

good grief, will, i'm sorry to say that it's been too long since i've read the blog; glad to see what you guys have been up too!


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