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April 11, 2005


d white

The entire idea of citizenship in Heaven gives me hope and freaks me out. I dig your basketball analogy and it makes me think a little different about where my status is really stored up. I get the priveledge of unpacking these very Scriptures in a few weeks. You can't sit on the couch and be national champions. Hmm...This is an awesome connection with our citizenship.

For what it's worth (which isn't much), I'm liking the new look to the site, but I struggle with Times New Roman. It's just too "Windows default"--you know?


Thanks Dusty. I am thinking a lot about the citizenship idea ... hope to jot down some more thoughts this week on that.

The Times New Roman comment is funny for reasons that Bob and Brett will be able to appreciate. They have been in discussion over it. I won't tell you who is on which side.


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The comparison between the theater must not mislead are the successive perceptions only us.They, which constitute the mind, no idea where they are represented more distant scenes or materials that compose it. So what gives us such a propensity to attribute identity to these successive perceptions, and think of ourselves in possession of an invariable and uninterrupted existence during the course of our lives? To answer this question we must distinguish between personal identity as regards our thought or imagination, and this means that our passions or the concern that you have in ourselves. The first is the issue at hand, and explain well you should take this matter very deeply, and to take account of this identity, which we attribute to plants and animals, the existence of a great analogy between this and the ' identity of a self or person. We have a different idea of ??an object that remains invariable and uninterrupted through a supposed variation of time, and this idea that we call identity or equality. We also have a distinct idea of ??several different objects existing in succession, and connected by a close relationship, and this provides an accurate picture as perfect a concept of diversity as if it were not manne r nike air max 90 current ratio between the objects. But even if these two notions of identity, and a succession of related objects, which in themselves perfectly distinct and even opposite, but the fact is that in our common way of thinking, often mistaken for the other action. that imagination, what we consider the uninterrupted and invariable object, and that reflects on the succession of related objects, are almost the same for the feeling, or 38 David Hume is a lot more effort of thought required in the past if first. The report facilitates the passage of the mind from one object to another, and makes his way as smooth as if you saw an object continuously. This similarity causes confusion and errors, and makes us substitute the notion of identity, rather than related objects. However, in a moment we consider the related succession as variable or interrupted, we are confident that the next to ascribe a perfect identity of nike air max 97, and consider it as invariable and uninterrupted. Our propensity to this mistake is so great, for the similarity of the above, included in the first we are aware, though incessantly correct ourselves by reflection, and return to a more accurate method of thinking, however, it is always possible to maintain Our philosophy, or to remove injury imagination. Our last resort is to yield to it, and boldly assert that these objects associated with different effects on the same, however interrupted and variable. In order to justify to ourselves this absurdity, often feign some new and unintelligible principle, that connects the objects together, and prevents their interruption or variation. So, we pretend the existence of the perceptions of our senses, to remove the break, and run by the concept of soul, and I, and substance, to disguise the variation. But you may also notice that those who do not give rise to a fiction, our tendency to confuse the identity of the report is so large, we tend to imagine something unknown and mysterious, a connection of the parts, as well as their relationship, and That's what will be the case with respect to the identity that we attribute to plants and vegetables. And even if they do not, we feel a tendency to confuse us, although we can not satisfy fully the particular and not finding anything invariable and uninterrupted to justify our notion of identity. Thus, the dispute over the identity is not only a dispute of words. For when we attribute identity, in improper sense, to variable or interrupted objects, our mistake is not confined to the expression, but it is commonly accompanied by a fiction, or something unchangeable and without interruption, or something mysterious and inexplicable, or at least a tendency to such fictions. Which will suffice to prove this hypothesis for the satisfaction of every impartial investigator, is to show, for daily experience and observation, that objects that are variable or interrupted, but they are required to follow the same, these are just made up a succession of parts, connected together by resemblance, nike air max contig uity again or causality. As such a succession answers evidently to our notion of diversity, which can only be by mistake we ascribe an identity and the relationship of the parties, which leads to this error, is nothing but a quality, which produces an association of ideas, and a smooth transition from the imagination of anyone else, can only be from the similarity, that this discount air max e act of the mind that for which we see an object of constant, the error occurs. Our core business, therefore, must demonstrate that all objects, which we ascribe identity, without observing their invariance and continuity, are composed of a succession of related objects. For this, suppose that a mass of matter, of which the parts are contiguous and connected, standing in front of us, it is clear that we must attribute a perfect identity of this mass, provided that all the parties shall continue without a break and the invariable the same, every movement or change of place can be seen, in whole or in both parties. But the assumption that an identity very small or insignificant to be added to pasta, or personal subtracted from 39, but it absolutely destroys the identity of all, strictly speaking, however, as air max w we seldom think so accurately, do not hesitate to pronounce a mass of it, which air max 90 p is a trivial step alteration.The the idea of ??Nike Air Max 1 in order before the change in the object after it has been so soft and easy, just perceive the transition, and tend to imagine, that is only a continuous survey of the same object. There is a remarkable fact participate in this experiment, which is that, despite the change of a substantial part of a mass of matter destroys the identity of the whole, however, measure the size of the party at all, but his relationship with the whole. The addition or diminution of a mountain is not sufficient to produce a variety of a planet, but the transition from a few centimeters very few would be able to destroy the identity of some bodies. What wil the nike air max trainers can not account for this, but reflecting that objects operate upon the mind, and breaking or interrupting the continuity of their actions, not according to its true greatness, but according to their share of the other, and Therefore, since this interruption makes an object does not appear the same, must be the uninterrupted progress of thought which constitutes the imperfect identity. This can be confirmed by another change phenomenon.A a substantial part of the body destroys its identity, but it is noticeable that women nike air max w here the change occurs gradually and imperceptibly, which are less likely to attribute the same effect. The reason can not be other than the mind, in following the successive changes of the body, feels an easy passage of the topography of any state at a time, the observation that in another, and felt in no time including interruptions to their actions. Since the perception continues, attribute the cheap Nike Air Max 90 SA continued existence and identity of the object. But what precautions we can use to introduce changes gradually, and make proportione with the whole, it is true that when changes were observed in the past to become an important to the identity of a scruple objects.There attributed to different however, another artifice, which may induce the imagination to go a step further, namely, producing a landmark of the shares of Education and Culture


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buy generic soma practice consists of more customary roles these kinds of as compounding and dispensing medicines, and it also contains far more contemporary companies related to wellbeing treatment, which includes medical solutions, reviewing medications for security and efficacy, Buy Soma facts. Pharmacists, as a result, are the consultants on drug therapy and are the principal well-being specialists who optimize medicine use to produce patients with positive well-being outcomes.


The scope of pharmacy
buy generic soma practice consists of more customary roles these kinds of as compounding and dispensing medicines, and it also contains far more contemporary companies related to wellbeing treatment, which includes medical solutions, reviewing medications for security and efficacy, Buy Soma facts. Pharmacists, as a result, are the consultants on drug therapy and are the principal well-being specialists who optimize medicine use to produce patients with positive well-being outcomes.


The scope of pharmacy
buy generic soma practice consists of more customary roles these kinds of as compounding and dispensing medicines, and it also contains far more contemporary companies related to wellbeing treatment, which includes medical solutions, reviewing medications for security and efficacy, Buy Soma facts. Pharmacists, as a result, are the consultants on drug therapy and are the principal well-being specialists who optimize medicine use to produce patients with positive well-being outcomes.


The scope of pharmacy
buy generic soma practice consists of more customary roles these kinds of as compounding and dispensing medicines, and it also contains far more contemporary companies related to wellbeing treatment, which includes medical solutions, reviewing medications for security and efficacy, Buy Soma facts. Pharmacists, as a result, are the consultants on drug therapy and are the principal well-being specialists who optimize medicine use to produce patients with positive well-being outcomes.


The scope of pharmacy
buy generic soma practice consists of more customary roles these kinds of as compounding and dispensing medicines, and it also contains far more contemporary companies related to wellbeing treatment, which includes medical solutions, reviewing medications for security and efficacy, Buy Soma facts. Pharmacists, as a result, are the consultants on drug therapy and are the principal well-being specialists who optimize medicine use to produce patients with positive well-being outcomes.


The scope of pharmacy
buy generic soma practice consists of more customary roles these kinds of as compounding and dispensing medicines, and it also contains far more contemporary companies related to wellbeing treatment, which includes medical solutions, reviewing medications for security and efficacy, Buy Soma facts. Pharmacists, as a result, are the consultants on drug therapy and are the principal well-being specialists who optimize medicine use to produce patients with positive well-being outcomes.


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